About Us

Subbie Me came to life as an idea in 2019 through co-founder John’s personal experience in the trade industry.

Having his own business, some days he had too much work to handle and some days he had none. For the times when there was too much work, the need for an extra set of hands was temporarily required to help get the job done. But then when there was no work he had to look for it. Sourcing work and workers through today’s available options, wastes valuable time, creates unnecessary stress and in the end isn’t always a reliable option. There is no plan B, leaving you stuck at home with no work, and leaving you exhausted trying to complete a job on your own.

This sparked innovation for John and Vanessa to create a marketplace for contractors and subcontractors to connect with ease. It is a fast and efficient way to source contractors and subcontractors. Subbie me was developed with the purpose of providing a platform to the trade industry that is not available, to make winning work and finding great subbies easy, fast and reliable.